Mission Statement

Beppu International Baptist Church

  “The Work of Our Church” 

Introduction Beppu Baptist Church (Tentative Name), whose mother church being the Oita Christian Church of the Japan Baptist Convention and receiving support from the Japan Baptist Convention National Mission Development Hub, is now a church being led to become an independent church through the blessing of God.  We give thanks for the blessing of prayers and support and aim to become a “center” in spreading the gospel within and outside Japan, rejoicing in working together with the church in Oita, the Kita Kyushu region and churches all over Japan.

The Work of Our Church

Based on the confession of faith of the church, we will build an international community, be glad in the richness that exists in diversity, and become a church (God's people) that shows the glory of God.  The pillars for that activity are “Worship and Prayer”, “Education”, “Evangelism”, and “International Exchange.

GoalsMid-Term Vision)】

 Worship and Prayer

  • Develop and enhance worship service activities where Japanese and foreign nationals in Japan who come to study, work or get married can come together joyfully, surpassing language differences and offerSunday Worship Servicetogether to God in worship and prayer.
  • Strengthening of Prayer fellowships (Prayer Meetings) and consciousness regarding church activities to provide a venue to share problems and be connected with God. Furthermore, to make the church a place where everyone can be happy in sharing in its work. 


  • Implement education (Sunday School) on faith and how to “become a Godly person” by strengthening Bible Study class in each level, generation and language.
  • Implement Discipleship Training and Leadership Training Programs with the aim of training disciples (Evangelists) and the promoting the maturity of believers’ faith. 
  • Implement Student Faith Education Programs (Workshops, Camps) and train believers so they can become strong witnesses even as they continue studying, start working or have returned to their own country.  The program can also be developed through collaboration with the Japan Baptist Convention or with other churches.  


  • Along with the execution of the above-mentioned educational programs, each one should become active in sharing the Gospel of Christ. 
  • Develop evangelism activities in small groups with focus on family and area evangelismFamily Meeting) as well as Youth Evangelism Programs making use of the talents and gifts of international students.
  • Become a person that will show the richness of the kingdom of God and share the Word.  
  • Give messages on topics like “Peace and Human Rights”, “Life and Environment”, “Family, Elders and Child Raising”, based on God the Creator, the teachings of love of Christ. 

    International Exchange

  • Make best use of the international characteristic of Beppu and become a center for international cooperation in the area.  This will not be limited to cultural exchanges, but also to making real the peace of Christ through a relationship based on the love of Christ in which we rejoice with each other and accept each other’s differences. 
  • Create a network through the internet, so as to keep in touch with the international members when they have returned home to their countries and exchange of information so that fellowship can continue.
  • Plan and implement a mission tour to visit the countries of international members who have returned to their countries.  The aim of the tour is to study about the history and evangelistic activities in that country. 
  • Create a specialization to meet the various problems of foreigners residing in Beppu, which could become an organization that will provide assistance to foreigners in Beppu such as providing financial support.

Additional Clause It is important to acquire organizational, human, and economic strength to be able to execute the above-mentioned activities.  Together with urging the church members' and  international members' devotion, the Deacons' system shall be expanded and a multiple full-time staff system shall be examined and adopted.