Our History

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

History of Beppu International Baptist Church started back in 1969 and cannot be separated from the work of the Lord through Mr. & Mrs. Nagami, who were given a heart to build a church for His kingdom in Beppu. 

April 27, 1969 marked the first house fellowship held at their place in Nishi Noguchi area. Senior believers and invited preachers delivered the message in turn and led this fellowship to grow. Sixteen years later, in 1985, the Lord brought this fellowship to another stage as it became a mission church of Oita Christ Church and appointed Rev. Tetsu-tsugu Sato as the first pastor. Even though the regular meeting was still held from one house to another, but Rev. Sato would faithfully pick up and send the believers before and after the meeting every time. 

There was time when trials came and caused half of the believers to leave the church. But the remaining members then moved to Obatake area and continued worshiping the Lord. In March 1992, Rev. Sato had to leave the church and for some reasons the church was also decided to close. "For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them." (Matthew 18:20) Despite this circumstances, based on this Scripture, four sisters continued to meet and kept the worship service. 

However, God's plan cannot be measured indeed and He will definitely not forsake you. In May 1992, such a small group that was almost vanished was nominated for the National Support for a Stronghold Development. In December of the same year, finally the support was approved with a condition of selling off the land and building of Tsurusaki Mission Church. Two years later, in April 1994, the church moved to an apartment in Saiwai area and as the answered prayer, Rev. Miyachi was appointed as the second pastor in November of the same year. Later in 1995-96, with God's blessings and the leadership of Rev. Miyachi, the church was given with a piece of land and a building at the present location. Moreover, to strengthen the faith and build the body of Christ, the Lord then sent a missionary, Barbara Eakins, to serve at Beppu Mission Church. 

The calling to become an international church actually began when Rev. Miyachi ministered the church. It was due to the fact that the present location was close to Beppu University where some of international students regularly attended the worship service. Rev. Miyachi completed his service with Beppu Mission Church in August 2000 and while waiting for the next pastor in prayer, the Lord sent Bro. Yoshitaka (a retired pastor) to minister the church until the new pastor arrived. 

In June 2003, God answered the prayer by appointing Rev. Yoshida Shinji as the next pastor. Not only him, God also sent workers to help building the church for people coming from all over the world. Bro. Mark Fellizar from the Philippines and Bro. Mikami Asuza (both were students of theology) served as interns for 1 year. Also, Bro. Francisco Fellizar (a professor at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University/APU) and his family reached out to APU students, resulting in a significant number of APU students attending the worship service. 

In 2006, the Church Establishment Committee was established. Finally, in November 3, 2008, Beppu Mission Church was officially declared to as an independent church under a new name, Beppu International Baptist Church.   

Certainly, it is not the work of men. We thank God for His blessing and guidance, for the Japan Baptist Convention and all churches under the convention, for our 'mother' church, Oita Christ Church, and for the prayers and works of everyone involved.