Welcome to BIBC!

Nice to meet you. We want to give you a special invitation to visit Beppu International Baptist Church and worship with us. 

In Japan,there are nearly 325 churches of our groupJapan Baptist Convention.JBC is also strongly related to Seinan Gakuin and Seinan Jo Gakuin in Fukuoka,and a Baptist hospital in Kyoto.

As a Church in Beppu: international sightseeing city, BIBC has a service with many different nationalities. There are international students from APU or Beppu University, and English teachers from APU or other schools. Their presence makes the character of BIBC active and original. Without realizing it, as international students graduate and leave Beppu, BIBC has become a training place and departure point for preaching the gospel to the world.

BIBC is located very near the intersection of Route 10 and the Trans-Kyushu highway. For more details, please see the map and phone number on the back of this pamphlet.

The theme for our church this year, 2013 is "Make Disciples of Jesus in All Nations-Loving One Another"